“Breaking new ground.”

I intentionally chose the saying above to indicate my new journey of excitement and challenges. Since elementary school, I have developed a passion for writing fictions and short stories in my mother tongue, Bahasa Melayu, but never thought I would pursue professional writing seriously.

I am now in graduate school. If you have ever been in graduate school or some sort, you understand how the academic writing compels you to be short and concise– means cutting down verbose language as much as you can– and that is quite the opposite direction of writing fiction. Nevertheless, my love for writing has grown fonder and hence, this blog portrays all sorts of my writing skills: fiction, academic, and Bahasa.

Oh, also, I just recently discovered a new passion, that is, photography. You will find some amateur photos taken with my entry-level DSLR which I am very proud of the work it produced through seeing and appreciating the world together (both my camera and I).

p/s: Some of the pictures can be purchased at the ‘Support Me’ page.

Thank you for reading and appreciating the world with me!

Les Bourgeuois-1

Location: Les Bourgeois Vineyards, Rocheport, Missouri, USA.